What can I say besides thank you?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of your support with my last blog. I had been going through some self love and purpose coaching and wanting to share my voice more with people and then the racial injustices of this country were brought to light again and the global pandemic of Covid-19 continued and I paused on sharing my thoughts.

Could I share the “right” thing? Would I be offensive? Would I help or hinder? Was I clinging to the “wrong” side; what is the right or wrong side anyway? I had to pause and reflect again. And I was silent online more and trying to listen to others, donate to organizations helping in the causes I cared about, and trying to connect to others and this world in this unprecedented time.

I was definitely repeating my mental patterns and thought of “Anna don’t say anything if it’s not the right thing to say” But then I realized my right is not going to be your right, so what do I want to focus on to help in this crazy time?

It always comes back to love and gratitude for me. Yes, those are universal concepts that can’t change a political system but having love for myself and others allows me to be stronger to focus on the causes I want to help with. I get overwhelmed sometimes too on the many causes that need help in this world, but then I balance myself and then I can focus on taking the little steps, like voting, talking and writing my elected leaders in my local community about issues that I care about, picking up trash, and being more respectful and mindful of my actions/words/choices and trying to be kind and compassionate to others.

Getting a seasonal full-time Assistant Park Ranger job was a blessing in this time as well for me. It could allow me to work again in parks, and learn and give back to nature. Nature is a healing place for me and I receive so many gifts in it. The position been challenging physically since learning a lot of maintenance skills like mowing, weed whacking, leaf blowing, and enforcing rules more, but I am so grateful. It’s a beautiful park called Hebb Park in West Linn, Oregon.

Hebb Park at Sunset, it is mostly boaters that enjoy the Willamette River
Mom and Dad visited and got to see me in my Ranger outfit

At this time I am reading one of the most beautiful books I have ever read, “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer which blends indigenous wisdom and botany and focusing on this relationship we have to nature/our planet in lovely essays, and I have been thanking Earth and all it’s creatures each day as a prayer per her example of the Indigenous reciprocal relationship with nature. I wrote a poem as well that I hope conveys this gratitude and connection that I have to nature.

When I see the beauty in nature,

I know it has your hand in it.

The blue, pink, and orange skies,

The trees dancing in the winds,

The flowers blooming with buzzing bees,

The grass that lets me walk softly on it.

To see such amazing sites I have to pause,

And reflect on how much the Divine is in everything,

The little moments and the big ones that you can see or notice,

Pause and be grateful; my new prayer is “Thank you, God.”

I am thankful for every second I get to see this beautiful world,

And I thank all the trees, flowers, bees, and birds that are singing-

We are all connected; it shows in this moment.

So pause and count your blessings,

Pause and help nature when you can,

Pause and say thank you,

Pause and give and receive love,

Pause at God’s gifts and the learning classroom that is Earth.

“Thank you, God” is my prayer every morning and every night,

And I play my part to help keep us all connected and to see the gifts in every moment.

Much Love to you all, Anna

4 thoughts on “What can I say besides thank you?

  1. Anna, I am so glad that you seem to be on a healing path. Hurray for a nature job in a county park!! You are such a thoughtful and kind person – do you realize that? And thanks for sharing your lovely poem.

    I was voted Volunteer of the Year at Huntley! I’m really excited to get my name on the plaque along with Adam’s from 2011. I really miss volunteering there. I sure hope it’s safe to go back soon. Adam started work at Rossen Landscape https://www.rossenlandscape.com/ on Wednesday as their Procurement Manager. Good experience toward his goal of someday owning his own landscape design business. He has one more class to finish his landscape design degree at NOVA.

    Jim and I are hanging out mostly at home. Enjoying our patio when it’s not too hot.

    Love to you and Ian,

    Roberta and Jim

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    1. Hi Roberta and Jim! Thanks so much for your support and kindness all these years! And thanks for the update, congrats to you on Volunteer of the Year!! So well-deserved, you rock and to Adam too on his new job and close to finishing his degree! Glad you can enjoy your patio and yard in this beautiful summer time. Love to you both too and miss you! Anna


  2. I’m sorry its taken me so long to read this. I also try to remember love and kindness in everything that I say or post online. Right now emotions are flaring and I often want to respond to others emotionally, but I try to take a step back and think “Will my words help the situation or flame the fire?” I don’t think we can go wrong if our words come from a place of love and understanding.

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