My Voice

Hello my dears,

How are you? This has been such a unprecedented time for the world- with still much uncertainty to come but for me taking it day by day is helping and using this time of unemployment/reset to reflect.

I started this blog to keep in touch with folks as I moved across the USA. I think originally I wanted it to be about my travels and experiences out west here to show you all. It has morphed somewhat into different thoughts/themes but that is the essence of who I am; I shift and change and enjoy many things.

I didn’t start a blog to gain fame but help keep in touch and share some of my wisdom and my writer’s voice. Reflecting back on my past posts, I think there is a certain rhythm or message I am conveying in each one. I may not be the best writer!(who really is though? Okay JK Rowling is up there.) However, it has been very therapeutic for me to journal and share my thoughts and adventures.

Since this is a reflection time for me, I wanted to reach out to you readers/dear ones, would you like me to continue in this way? I know my adventure posts have slowed down with Covid-19 and technology issues(I can’t seem to get my latest photos off my Iphone to share with you adventures from many months.) I am getting through by being present and grateful in this uncertain time and to reflect more on on my life, and what I do want to change or aspire to. I have been going through self-love and purpose coaching which has been very eye-opening as well. I am learning more about my voice and what I want to say to the world.

Ian and I have been in Oregon now over 2 years and it has been challenging for sure, especially with trying to find jobs we enjoy/that give us meaning and making new friends. With my military like upbringing as a child to adult life, I always have this question at the back of my mind, “How long will I be here?” I think it allows me to explore more of the place I am in, but I also detach from settling in too much.

I would like to continue to explore the Pacific NW once it is deemed safe to do so and more of Western USA and Canada. I hope we can all resume traveling soon! I have had a couple interviews for a park job, so cross your fingers! It has been tough since quitting my corporate position to feeling very stuck on my next step; but I currently see the unstuck realizations happening now. But I am here with my strong, calm, quiet, and comforting voice to say, “I am here, I want to help this world and connect us all.” What voice do you want to share with the world? Please share your voices with me and if you like me to continue this blog! PS I am still working on typing up my poem book and attending a Transformational Book Breakthrough Quest with Christine Kloser right now that is motivating me to write this blog and reflect more on my audience as well.

I love you and I am a big blog fan of other bloggers and blogs, and I appreciate you reading my personal one that like I said is not destined for fame/fortune, but I am grateful and proud I put my words out there and achieved my dream of having a blog and sharing some of my wisdom through my writer’s voice.



8 thoughts on “My Voice

  1. Hello, it is nice to meet you! As someone who lives in an area where there isn’t much to see or much to do, I often experience bouts of wanderlust. Because of this, I love reading about the stories and travels of other people, so I’m looking forward to the stories you have to share!

    (Also, best of luck on your interview!!)

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  2. Hi Anna, I for one would very much like you to continue… in any vein you feel like in the moment. Viewing life through the eyes and emotions of others is always refreshing. And comforting, especially when knowing perfection may always be at arms length, but moments of Zen keep us centered and at peace.
    Rock on girl!

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    1. Aww thanks so much PJ for those kind words and for reading! I feel the same way when I read books and blogs from others. It is a way to see how connected we are which I have realized so much during this time- to each other and to the planet so I have hope and like you said those moments of Zen will keep us centered and at peace- wise words my friend and miss you and Huntley!


  3. Love hearing your voice Anna! The most important thing for us to feel is to feel seen, heard, and loved so I encourage you to create whatever it is that supports you in feeling seen, heard, & loved 🙂
    I am so looking forward to your voice development & what events in your life that will bring you joy, fulfillment, & confidence!!!

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  4. I love your writing voice- authentic and courageous! Keep it up and be the “you” you were meant to be. Good luck in your park ranger job search. Hugs, Lin

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    1. Aww thank you Lin for your support- means a lot! I got a tenative job offer for a Lead position in a park in Clackmas County so hoping it works out! Wish you and Bruce the best too, glad you are getting out to hike some!


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