February musings

Hello everyone,

As I ponder this life transition as I look for a new job, I have been able to reflect and look back at my past. A lot of my dreams have been around writing and traveling so I am grateful I have been able to do both in this space. I am working on typing up and hopefully publishing a book of poems to give to my dear ones. I am a private person as you know so I find that I open up more in my writings and want to give that gift to you and hope that you enjoy the poems. Here is one I found from 2006 when I was in love with a former boyfriend and I think it reflects each person I have loved and the gift that is each of you.

Titled Thank You

I caught a star one day,

When I wasn’t looking.

It fell so quietly into my hands.

It sparkled with love and hope.

It gave me something to smile at,

And to believe in.

And most importantly, it showed me how to love.

Today, I say thank you;

Because that star that I found,

That star was you!

Love, Anna

6 thoughts on “February musings

  1. Loved the poem!! You are so talented! Jim and I are in Malibu, tomorrow we head to death valley and Sunday heading to San Diego. We met Annie Staat in the dc airport on Monday. She was meeting Cathy MacNeil in Phoenix and they are staying at same place as us in Death Valley on Friday. We’re hoping to meet for dinner. Hugs,ย Roberta

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