2020 here we are!

A new decade so here we are! What do you want to manifest this year and in the upcoming decade? Take a walk with me along the beach like in the picture above.

For me:

I would like a new job by June 1!

I would like to keep traveling and stay connected to my loved ones.

I would like to pay off my student loans.

I would like to keep giving service to this world.

How about you? Sometimes it is tough to imagine what you want to be and the realities of the day. Inhale some fresh ocean breaths and exhale to let go.

Try to think about it more and put it out there! For me writing it out helps in a list, or planner, or journaling, or if you are into vision boards/collages too!

Let’s go for those dreams and ride those waves to our goals! Happy January and 2020!

Love, Anna

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