What is your purpose?

Hello my friends and family,

It has been a while. I was just reviewing my past blog posts and see it was August since I posted last. It has been on my to do list each month and I admit I held back from it because I haven’t been feeling my usual chipper self. I think it is important to acknowledge all of our emotions and mental health state and I have been in a stressful one for a while now. I have missed working in a nature park and being in the human resources field in a corporate environment again has brought me down. I take full-responsibility for my thoughts and actions and that is a good step to making changes that I need and helping me find my purpose.

That is something I have been thinking about this year, what is my purpose? I believe it to be a light in this world to help others. But I have been trying to figure out how? By volunteering? In my job that brings me down? How can I be a light when I feel negative? This pondering includes a lot of questions that will vary for each person. I think we do need to acknowledge our pain and fear that holds us back from pursuing our passions and purpose. I have “Imposter syndrome” sometimes where I feel like I am not smart enough, don’t have a good memory for much, or couldn’t possibly be an expert in anything. But a friend just told me yesterday that we all go through that- and she is quitting her job to go back to go to Graduate School to pursue her passion in science and that inspires me. I am inspired by other people exploring and going for their passions. I love customer service, positive psychology, nature, and giving service so what can I do with those passions? I can quit my current position and go for a job in a positive work space where I can develop and learn more about the natural world of Oregon and hopefully work in a park or something related to helping the environment. I am concerned about the future of this planet for future generations so I think a park environment would be the best place to show others the importance of this Mother Earth and to help protect it.

I am also passionate about traveling. We get to go to Virginia again in a few weeks to see some more of our loved ones so I am looking forward to that. I did promise you some more pictures from more of our summer(to present) adventures so here you go.

Cottonwood Canyon was one of our favorite new Oregon state parks we discovered- used to be a ranch and nice to see some of Oregon’s more desert like landscapes(Also the cover photo for this blog was taken there too- we loved this place- it was hot and great to walk around and play in the river)
Dahlia festival- so many flower festivals in Oregon!
A nice reminder in Missouri from Harry Potter
Loved this Botanical Gardens in St Louis, Missouri
A big plant at the garden!
Me in my pink element at the garden
We loved St. Louis, nice to walk around parks like this one and eat some good food
Elephant Rocks Park, looks like a turtle rock here to me!
Had a family reunion and my cousin recommended Elephant Rocks on the way to St Louis!
We got to bond with my cousin Jason this summer and his cute dog here Bullseye in the Columbia river by his floating home
Love the skylines here in Oregon
Santa Monica, CA, nice to visit my nephew/sis and see some of the sunny and warm CA

I did get to see a lot of Oregon State Parks this year with Ian like we wanted and more to explore. We have done a lot this year and even though job wise I haven’t been where I want to be yet, I can’t deny that we have seen a lot and have some wonderful memories here in Oregon and travels in California and Missouri!

I am looking forward to 2020, a new decade and hope you are too and that you keep going for your passions and find your purpose! If you need a good inspiration towards that, Carin Rockind has a wonderful PurposeGirl podcast I have been following that is very inspiring and she is also on social media! Cheers!

Love to all,



3 thoughts on “What is your purpose?

  1. Loved it! I too am going through something similar. The place were I was working suddenly ended my assignment after telling me that they were going to hire me. I know it is good sign that something that suits me better is coming. This year will be better for everyone! Love and miss you.

    Love, Gloria


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