Flowers, Feria, and more Fun!

Hello folks,

It sure has been a while! I wanted to keep up with this blog monthly to update you on life out west, but like other things like keeping my photo albums up to date, the pace of life quickens, and you live and work and repeat, and the next thing you know months have flown by.

Not every day is a good day- we each have those days where we try to find meaning and purpose to keep trying. I am grateful for something each day and I make a conscious effort to do so, and when there is much pain and strife you hear about on the news, being grateful to be breathing and on this planet is a gift. I try to empathize with the suffering and help in ways I can and focus on my own mental health so I can be a light for this world. I have been struggling with that for a few months among the flowers, feria, and fun I will share with you about soon. How are you doing my friend?

I hope you are finding some time to be present and in awe of your life. I find this easy to do when I am in nature and have been blown away by the flowers and nature of Oregon and with the different seasons and plants we have seen some really cool ones.

Here are some of the many beautiful ones we have seen, roses, peonies, rhododendrons, daisies, and much more.

More rad roses!
One of my best buddies came to visit us, and we frolicked in the peony fields

Amazing right? I have been blown away by the fields here of flowers- from ones above to lavender, sunflower, and irises! There is never enough time to see it all at this time, but we see what we can and hope for next year!

I know I have recommended folks to travel before- our big trip so far this year has been Springfield/St Louis, Missouri- back to the humidity and family and new places! We had a blast on our family reunion and exploring new cities- perhaps another blog to follow!

Try to learn about a different culture or country- learn a new language, or attend a cultural event like Feria in Spain. We had Feria festival event here in Portland, and it was beautiful to see the outfits, music, and dancing.

Keep learning about each other folks who are different than you. I feel like we are even more disconnected in this digital age as most of the times we are only connecting with our phones.

Where do you go to have fun? Where do you play? Kids have it right- use your imaginations/creativity and do what you want to do not just want you have to do. Do you want to play basketball, read a book, travel, or cook? Do it deliberately!

I have been fascinated by Positive Psychology since my undergraduate days in college and in that field there is a state called flow, where you immerse yourself in something that you love or practice a lot- go do that! For me it used to be playing Barbies for hours with my sisters when I was young, or scrap-booking and making collages as an adult. I am trying to develop my writing with this blog and by writing poetry.

Thank you for reading and I love and miss you all. Remember to keep trying on those hard days- it is worth it to find the fun.

Hugs and lots of love,



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