Nature helps my well-being

Hi everyone,

I hope spring is treating you well. I am not sure if I was missing the sun with my first PNW winter filled with lots of clouds and rain, but I haven’t been my usual cheery self. This past week, I was letting my anxious mind get to me which resulted in an anxiety attack and a nose bleed in a bathroom at my job.

Besides missing the sun, I have been missing working and volunteering in a park, and though I made a conscious choice to work in a more corporate setting for a variety of reasons, I was missing nature badly.

I decided to take a mental health day off work and planned it for the warmest/sunniest day that was predicted according to my Weather app. And though the weather changes fast around these parts- it held to be true and was a sunny 70 degrees kind of day. My coworker had mentioned to me about a tulip festival she recommended, and so that’s where Ian and I embarked!

We packed a picnic and drove about 45 minutes to Woodburn, Oregon- to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival! Here’s a link with more information about the festival:

I think many other folks had the same idea as us since it was such a nice day, and so it was a nice size crowd at the farm; but once we approached the farm and the fields, the tulips were spread all over. We could wander and awe at their beauty at our own pace. It included the most colors and varieties of tulips I have ever seen with some cool hybrid species too. I had no idea there could be so much color- pinks, yellows, reds, and much more; I was in rainbow flower heaven.

Ian and I marveled, walked, and took so many pictures.

We picked a quiet spot away from the crowds to sit and have a quaint picnic of pork sandwiches and home made bars and more goodies.

I was able to sit and reflect on this experience in the moment. It truly was nature’s medicine, with the sun beaming down on us(and our first sweat of the season), sitting by trees and beautiful flowers, with my hunny and I could feel my heart and mind at peace. I was so grateful to be aware of this experience and what it meant to me to be here and now. Nature does that for me- each and every time and even if I don’t work in it anymore, it is important to still find these moments where I can be immersed in it and see the wonder and feel the joy and gratitude that I have and recognize the healing power of this natural Earth. ❤

I hope you can find a place like that on this Earth day and be conscious of how you can help places in nature thrive, and recognize at the same time that it is helping you too to survive!




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