Travel as much as you can!

Hello all,
Wow time flies- almost April already. And spring is here with its lovely glory- cherry blossoms are blooming and it is getting warmer here in Portland. I start planning trips and wanting to travel more this time of year- getting out of my warm shell that winter provides.
I am a big advocate of traveling. I recommend traveling when you can and have the means to- this world is immense and there is so much to see and explore. Bring a friend, partner, child, or even by yourself! It doesn’t have to be a two week adventure(but those are glorious sometimes)- it can be a day trip to a place near your home you have never been to!
My husband Ian and I have consciously been trying to do a big trip once a year at least; last year our big trip was our big move to the west coast! It was lovely seeing more of America! We are trying to figure out what to do this year- money is a factor and leave from jobs so might be another American adventure to Missouri/North Carolina perhaps.
Like I mentioned above you don’t have to go too far to travel- explore more the town you are living in or a nearby town or state. We have been lucky to be able to go to California twice since moving to Portland- Los Angeles last year for Thanksgiving to see my sister and nephew and recently at the beginning of March to Sacramento and San Francisco to see some dear friends.
California is a beautiful state and I lived in the Los Angeles area for a bit a while ago. Lots to explore in the south and north! I am glad they have been getting more rain and super blooms and is so close to Oregon to see family, friends, and amazing sites. Enjoy some pics below of our Sacramento and day trip to San Fran and hope you get to travel and have some adventures. Let me know of some you are planning!

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4 thoughts on “Travel as much as you can!

  1. You know how much Jim and I love to travel! Coming up in May is the Upper Peninsula of MI. In June we are going to the synchronous firefly festival in PA. September will be Montauk, NY and Acadia in ME.

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