An exploration of the coast and tribute to my cousin

Happy December everyone!

November started off grand with my 33rd birthday and some beautiful fall weather and exploration- but then I got sick and had a rough time battling infections. I am feeling better now and here is December and with it, winter already.

As the temperatures drop and snow comes to some places- I often try to stay warm with bunny hats and hot tea, and think of warmer days like summertime. Here are a few days I would like to share with you today.

Ian and I have been able to explore some of the Oregon beaches, aka, the Oregon Coast this year. There is a huge stretch of them and we have been to Cannon Beach and Newport. I would love to explore more as well; one cool note is the beaches are considered public for the people! Here’s an article with more info on the Oregon Beach Bill:

We went in July to Cannon Beach when it was 90s-100 temperature in Portland, and it was about 20-30 degrees cooler at the beach! This might be a bit of change for some folks used to warmer beaches- and folks don’t swim as much either due to the cooler temps of the water as well- but I thought it was a nice change from the hot city.  We saw a lot of jellyfish and other people too!

We walked to a less populous spot to have a picnic and stared into the ocean and saw a rock that had a lot of birds flying on it- I couldn’t really see up close but I wished I was seeing puffins- since they do come around there according to this sign:


Here are some more pictures from our trek and picnic!

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Newport is another lovely city. I have been there a few times before and this time was all about love and connecting to my Oregon family and mourning and celebrating the life of my cousin Jack, who died this summer and loved Newport a lot.

We stayed at a nice hotel called the Hallmark Resort Hotel with a beautiful view of the ocean.



We explored some of the areas and parks in Newport and surrounding areas:

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We enjoyed learning more about a place Jacked love and we had a beautiful service for him at the end of our visit. I thought of him a lot as I stared into the sea, and sent love and hoped he was at peace.

Here’s a poem I wrote for Jack back in 2006 when I first visited Oregon and fell in love with it and vowed to move there- which we did 12 years later, and we are happy to explore and be here with my Oregon family. Family are people and places. Stay warm and be with your loved ones!

Whispering Winds

Listen my friend,

Can you hear it?

The soft echoes stretching far and wide

You tremble with not knowing,

What they are truly are saying.

Just open your heart a little wider-

And soon the voices make sense;

The whispering winds are telling you secrets-

Things you already know-

But all you have to do is smile,

And say “Let it Be,”

Soon after the winds grow tired-

You say to them, “Pass on,”

They fly gently away into the sky,

You nod and sigh.

The whispering winds told you tales,

But you know the truth,

And you know,

All is well,

Because you listened with your heart.


5 thoughts on “An exploration of the coast and tribute to my cousin

  1. Thanks for sharing the west coast beach! I;m ready for warm weather! Not a surprise though. The poem is really lovely. Happy Holidays and lots of love to you and Ian!

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