Gratitude! <3

Hello all,

As I write this today, I know a lot of folks who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday are getting ready to meet up with friends and family tomorrow. I am happy that this time of year people focus on gratitude and being with ones they are grateful for.

Gratitude has changed my life- I used to be very selfish when I was younger but about the time I turned 18 years old and graduated high school and developed my spiritual path I saw the importance of gratitude and focusing on others more than myself.

My parents have always instilled in myself and my sisters a “gratitude attitude” to shift from being crabby or busy and just focusing on being present and thinking what you are grateful for at that moment- could be your family, traveling, the color pink, or whatever strikes your fancy.

I finally got this attitude of gratitude concept when I was 18 and have incorporated it in my life ever since. I like to journal every night 5 things that I am grateful for that happened each day and it helps me shift to be grateful for each day. My sister Bekah and I have been sharing our lists with each other every night and that has been another sweet connection to bring us closer with gratitude and share in the joys of our days.

I hope you can focus on what you are grateful for today and every day. It really is life changing and helps to balance when life can be a bit busy and challenging.

I wanted to also share a place I fell in love with in Portland that I am very grateful for: it is called the Lan Su Chinese Garden. Ian and I read about it in all the tourist books and wanted to try it for ourselves- and from the first visit I was hooked- the peaceful and scenic vibes take me to a different place/country/consciousness/ whatever you want to call it! I like to stroll the grounds or sit and look at the beauty around.


Here’s their website with more details:

It is right near my job so it has been awesome getting a yearly membership with Ian so we can stop by when we can and see it through the seasons.


I highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice walk and maybe a stop for tea in the tea house and see the pretty art(with some rotating artists), and contemplate a little on this thing called life and what you are grateful for.






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