Roses are red sometimes, trees are rad, and so are you!

Hello everyone! Thanks for your support with the blog! I will be learning new things as I write this each week, like I think I added a subscribe/follow widget if you like to- Thanks Roberta for pointing that out!

When we got to Portland in May everything was in bloom- besides the Black Cottonwood seeds blowing around like snow, there were flowers in bloom everywhere. We decided one day to embark downtown Portland to Washington Park- a big urban park that includes a zoo, arboretum, Japanese Rose Gardens, and so much more. I highly recommend if you ever come to Portland to check it out- here’ s a link with more info:

We travel by transit a lot here- in fact both of our jobs helped us get discounted bus passes. Here are some pics of one of the many buses and the Max which gets folks around. Traffic has gotten worse the locals tell us, probably because more people like us have been moving in. I prefer mass transit to driving a car so it has been super convenient to take a bus and max to get to our destination and that’s what we did on this day!



On this day, Ian and I decided to do some of the free stuff in Washington Park which includes some awesome hikes and the Hoyt Arboretum and International Rose Test Garden.

We were blown away by the Arboretum with so many diverse and cool looking trees from Spruces to Giant Sequoias, and Redwoods!

Here’s Ian leading the charge:




DSC01238You do feel small and in awe with seeing something like that. That was just a tad showing of the many awesome trees there.

The  International Test Rose Garden was lovely as well- so many different types of roses, some hybrids created in years, like the 1985 or 1988. So many colors and it was such a pretty summer day.








One of Portland’s nicknames is the City of Roses so I can see why! Roses bloomed for months around the city and it was awesome!

Here’s one more because I love roses! But yea we came to Portland at the perfect time to see everything in bloom! That’s it till next time!


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