May day, May day, Anna and Ian moved to Oregon!

Did you ever decide to change your life- physically or mentally? We did both in May of this year and decided to give Portland, Oregon a go! We left Virginia, the home base for Ian and I and trekked across the US to Oregon.

It was a lovely trip- I highly advise if you get a chance to road trip anywhere in the US, do it! So much to see and do. We enjoyed being together, eating yummy food, and not planning much but finding cool stuff to do in towns like bowling and touring old jails, finding hotels to sleep at and seeing the beauty of America.

Once we got to Portland, Oregon we were in shock! Wow, we did it! Now what? We really should have gotten an apartment before hand- but we did not so we frantically found an Extended Stay Hotel in Gresham, Oregon(not too far from Portland). We lived there for two weeks- where we were a bit scared out of our wits adjusting to the new consciousness of living in a big city, trying to find an apartment, and Ian starting a new job, and I was applying for jobs.

We did enjoy exploring as well at some beautiful parks like this one at Blue Lake Regional Park:

DSC01149Here’s a link for more info about the park:


DSC01172Aren’t these Black Cottonwood Tree seeds cool? They were everywhere when we moved to Oregon- falling from the trees like snow!


Lovely right? That is one of the parks we visited- you will see a bunch to come.

I did end up getting a steady temp job, Ian started learning the ropes of his job, we found a nice apartment, connected with some local friends and family, and started to get in the hang of Portland.

So even though we had made some pretty huge life changing decisions and it would take awhile(and we still are adjusting six months later)- we were moving forward to enjoy where we had moved to!

That is the moral of the story kids- be brave, go after what you dream, but be aware it might kick you in the face a bit( and break into your car like we had happen), but still smile and keep moving because there’s a lot of cool stuff in life still to focus on like beauty of nature, family, friends, love, and being present in the road of life.

Love, Anna

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